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FARR hangs when %SPECIALSYS_DOCS% included in search folders

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I've noticed yesteday that FARR hangs when i have %SPECIALSYS_DOCS% included (and activated) in the search folder list.
I assume that this was added in some of the newer versions, but I haven't noticed that it affected me up until yesterday.

I assume that something changed in the %SPECIALSYS_DOCS% folders themselves so the search is hanging.
I am wondering what actual folders and documents is FARR searching when searching this folder?
I did not find anything in the docs that relates to the %SPECIALSYS_DOCS% search folder.

I have FARR regularly hanging too since Mouser started to update FARR again. Didn't try to track it down yet though. It hangs for several seconds saying Searching history.. in the status bar. Unticking %SPECIALSYS_DOCS% does not solve the problem for me unfortunately.

i may have a fix -- something lanux found.
i'll upload beta today to try.

Can you guys try this beta:

* or
And let me know if it solves your issue?

This one seems to solve my issue.
Thanks mouser.

I am wondering as to what does FARR search with those two special folders (I don't notice any diference in the results)?


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