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Fast and flexible graphing software?


Can anyone recommend software for showing 2D graphs from CSV data?

I want to be able to freely and smoothly move around the graph with the mouse (with the mouse wheel as zoom!). It should support linear and exponential graphs, and in between if possible. Translating the graph by dragging it would be cool, as would retranslating the graph as the deltas between each data point.

It should preferably also display many columns of data at once (multiple lines on the graph), and allow you to set which column/s go under and beside the margins (for example, timestamps in the CSV). Colour coding the graph would be ideal, especially if it allows you to program in the rules about how it should be coloured (e.g: colour green if the maximum magnitude delta is under 5%, and blue if it's under 1% over say, a five minute window).

I'm not too interested in fancy 3D isometric views or ray-traced global illumination - functional above eye candy is preferred.

Free would be nice, but otherwise under say $50 if possible. Please say that such software exists so I don't have to create it :)

***Edit*** Oh just to add: I created a comparison of such software eight years ago, though each one had their own faults, and I'm sure some have advanced since then!



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