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Looking for Software with this feature

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Free File Sync will meet criterion #2 if you choose the "keep revisions" option.

Also, it's worth mentioning that you can setup Free File Sync to backup files or directories/subdirectories to an FTP server. Not well-documented, though.


I would require the software to:

1.   Have an automated Move function in which I can select options to make it compare the contents of the files to be moved with the contents of all the files in the target folder.  Then all files with unique contents would be saved, and if more than one file has the same content, then only one would be saved.  Renaming would be done in any event where two or more files to be saved have the same name.
2.   The software would also have a Remove Duplicates function where it can scan any selection of files and folders for files with the same contents, renaming files when necessary and removing duplicates.
-ednja (July 09, 2015, 12:10 AM)
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You could try this one, trial is fully functional:

The 64 bit version is very fast, it does a SHA1 compare of content (file names ignored) of 5 GB files in less than 10 minutes on my system.

Start with searching for duplicates based on content only (SHA1 compare), ignoring filenames, that will find all identical files. Then choose to delete all files but one in all duplicate sets. If some files in a duplicate set have different file names you can choose the one you want and delete the rest.

Then you can do a search on identical file names only, that will find files with same file name but different content. I imagine that aren't many of these, in that case you can rename them manually from within the program. You can also move selected files to selected folders, and all kinds of things. See attached screenshot.


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