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Idea For A Reddit Reader

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y0himba... I hate you. This really is some of the kind of stuff that I **REALLY** love doing... and I have no time.  :(

(I don't really hate you. Cheer up! :P :D )

Anyways... for anyone that does have time, it's not that hard. I did a very quick mockup here: (1338.53 kB - downloaded 293 times.)

It's garbage, but it populates a treeview with all the subscribed subs and the top 21 posts (threads). More could be added, but it would be better to start over. The API has a few wrappers. I used the C# one, and it's pretty easy.

More API wrappers here:

The 2 inputs are for the username and password. After clicking login, it populates, though it takes a while -- no threading or anything sane in there.

A basic reader would take less than a week to get done with a few minor bells, whistles, and polish.

  :( All my hopes and dreams, shattered.  Hopefully someone can take up the cause! Thanks for looking at it Renegade, I appreciate the time.

P.S. Will it help if I beg?  Send you photos of my cats?

Sigh... Nothing will help. :( We're in the long process of moving across continents and getting set up. I still haven't had enough time to do any serious searching for a vehicle, which is a pre-requisite to looking for a place to live. Thank god for family here! :D

Good luck to you then! I would just about give you my minivan for this.  Reddit is the best source of information for one of the games I play.

Anyone want to take up the cause?  Maybe show me what to do with the attached file?


 I'm no programmer but just adding a noisy voice for voting the project cool!


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