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Idea For A Reddit Reader

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I am a fan of Reddit, but I am overwhelmed by it's horrible web interface. My idea: organize it in an interface similar to Windows File Explorer.  Reddit is the root, each sub-reddit is a folder in the tree, a directory, each post a file.


The program (reader) could have a preview pane, like Explorer, for media such as photos and videos.  It would also have a "Favorites" or "Shortcuts" section for subscribed Reddits. Possibly even a download function, although that may be questionable.

Simple, clean, easy to navigate, with a nighttime theme of light text on a dark background, or just follow Windows.

I would sacrifice a beer to Dionysus for this.

At a glance:

It looks more than doable.

Really?!  I am honestly excited about this.  "Reddit Explorer". Tree view in the left frame, article in the right frame, media from the post in the bottom right frame, like Windows Explorer. 

This is intriguing.. But are there existing Reddit reading clients out there already? That would be the first thing to look into.  I'm curious to know the answer.

Three are plenty, but not with this interface. My feeling is that with a familiar Windows Explorer interface it will be easier to read Reddit in a new way.

There is nothing like this as far as Reddit readers go, that I have found.  This would be unique, and I think popular.


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