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Minor wishes/suggestions + observations


First of all, let me say that I really like FARR. I've tried the other alternatives but none of them matches FARR in terms of customization and extensibility - Aliases simply rock! I do have some minor suggestions + observations:

[*]The "Options" dialog - the font is quite small and is sometimes hard to read. Perhaps use something like Segoe UI(if installed).
[*]Since FARR supports HTML view (I assume via WebBrowser control / Shell.Explorer), I would like to know if it renders the page in standards document mode. There is a limitation with intranet sites which would have the IE control default to Compatibility mode regardless of "<meta http-equiv='X-UA-Compatible' content='IE=edge'/>" setting. This can be bypassed via a registry setting(FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION). Or on WebBrowser control's initialization, instead of navigating to about:blank to load a blank document, one can navigate to "about:<!DOCTYPE html><head><meta http-equiv='X-UA-Compatible' content='IE=edge'/></head>" instead to force the latest documentMode. The latter is a trick I use for AutoHotkey when hosting the WebBrowser control, I'm not really sure if it would apply to FARR.
[*]It would be nice to allow Result List items that do something like "dosearch <string>" to use the /icon=myico.ico setting. It actually does but the the string "/icon=myico.ico" is appended to the search string on launch.
[*]Allow the user to configure the starting directory of launched programs, e.g.: /dir=start_dir. (unless this is already possible and I have missed it)
[*]Perhaps implement a COM interface so that other scripting languages(that supports COM) can interact with FARR. (e.g.: oFarr = CreateObject("FARR.Application")).
[*]It would be nice to have updated looking skins. @mouser, have you explored/entertained the thought of implementing a HTML-based UI for FARR?

Thank you for the great program!

Pleas excuse my delay in replying -- I'm out of town until the 26th and have been working furiously on a major update to the DonationCoder forum/website so I've fallen a bit behind in replying to posts about my software.  I will try to remedy that when I get back in town.


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