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Some Thoughts on Sony's DPT-S1 (Digital Paper System)

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The current time doesn't seem to be displayed anywhere useful -- I actually did a search via the browser to find out the current time once...
-ewemoa (June 28, 2015, 04:11 AM)
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Just found that pressing the menu button while on the home screen displays the current time at the top left of the screen...

Tried connecting the DPT-S1 to an Android device via USB cable (with an adapter).  The timing appears to be a bit tricky, but occasionally it seems to work such that the micro sdcard within the DPT-S1 will show up accessible within typical file explorers on the Android device.

Some notes for future reference :)

Succeeded in updated the firmware to 1.5.x by:

1. Unzipping the .exe file representing the update
2. Copying the DPT-S1 Updater.package file (one of the extracted files) to the root directory of the DPT-1's internal memory
3. Performing a recovery restart of the device via the Testmode app (see

After a somewhat lengthy wait, the update seemed to complete.

Appreciate being able to navigate to different pages while maintaining the current zoom level.

Still investigating but ATM it looks like some of the PDFs I've been annotating on the DPT-1 are being corrupted.  Not so badly that they can't be opened by a number of viewers, but bad enough so that some programs will refuse to process the content.  I haven't yet come across any other reports of this so for all I know it may be some kind of pilot error ;)

After trying a few things, I've found that using the mutool command line tool via its "clean" subcommand seems to fix things (at least in limited testing).  Came across mutool while reading the mupdf man page :)

gs (from the same folks) seems to be able to repair as well though IIUC one's annotations may get lost in the process -- that might be specific to the way I've been invoking gs though, so there may be better ways.

If we're dealing with a purely paper replica of reading, I actually prefer to keep the whitespace.
-wraith808 (June 28, 2015, 12:13 PM)
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exactly, people use that whitespace to take notes


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