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Some Thoughts on Sony's DPT-S1 (Digital Paper System)

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...exactly, people use that whitespace to take notes
-kalos (March 20, 2016, 06:15 AM)
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Har-de-har. Very droll.

That DPT-S1 looks rather slick. I've been wanting to try one out for ages. For example, I can't quite figure out what it does with PDF documents that are image content only. Does it do the OCR, or what? And if it doesn't and so you OCR the document using (say) PDF XChange Viewer, or something, can the DPT-S1 make use of (and search/read) the OCR'd text?

Don't know, but if you point me at a sample PDF (please make it a safe one), I might see how it behaves :)

@ewemoa: Here are two small, single-page .PDF docs. They contain the same single-page visual material, but one is just an image document - so its text is visible but not copyable/searchable - and one is the image document which has been OCR'd, so its text is copyable/searchable.
You can download them from the links:
Test file Image only.pdf
Test file Image-OCR.pdf

The test is, using the DPT-S1, can you copy/search and otherwise operate on the image-only document in the same way as you can with the image-OCR document?

Results were:

  Test file Image only.pdf - text did not appear selectable, nor were any searches for text successful
  Test file Image-OCR.pdf - text could be highlighted (creating an annotation), selected for searching the file, and directly searchable

On a side note, it's been my impression that copy/pasting (in the ordinary sense) isn't directly supported on this device -- after I long press on text that is selectable, a "menu" of sorts with three options appears.  The "menu" lists "Highlight", "Search", and "Google".  AFAICT, "Highlight" is for creating an annotation, "Search" is for searching the same document, and "Google" is for using the selected text in the web browser -- though IIUC by making a query to Google.

@ewemoa: Thanks for the feedback. Pity. I guess it's not as OCR-smart or useful as I had wanted, but it still seems to be an excellent e-reader, albeit a bit pricey.


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