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Save Domain Privacy

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Stoic Joker:
+1 for Hover (formerly Tucows) I've been with them for well over a decade and never had a problem.

As far as the whois privacy thing goes, I think it depends on what problem you're trying to solve. While the whois privacy services do "protect" you from random curious strangers, who could just as well use a phone book. It does absolutely nothing against the truly dangerous agencies that exist solely for the purpose of being harmfully invasive.

Another alternative in case anyone needs it is namecheap $10.69 for .com and privacy is free for first year and I believe $2.88 years after. If I am not mistaken Hover registration is $12.99 (with included privacy) so prices are pretty even.

Hover varies.  I pay about $8 for some of mine, not on sale.  Other ones (.cc for some strange reason) are higher.


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