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The joy of seeing a first time forum poster

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The regulars on a forum like this one, make it what it is -- they create a tone and personality and make it a fun place to hang out.  This place is a little family to those of us who spend time here.

But it occurred to me today that infrequent visitors may not realize how nice it is for us when we see a "first time poster" -- a person who has decided to make their first post on the forum.

It's especially nice for us coders when we see a new person post about a program we've written -- whether it's to say they like it, or report a bug or suggest a feature.

It's just always a really nice thing to check the forum and see that someone new has decided to join the conversation.  :Thmbsup:


Agreed and :Thmbsup:!

 :Thmbsup: :-*

It does give joy to see the first timer with us :Thmbsup:


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