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when Google fails..DC! Cut and paste text adding double carriage return option

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This is just a "pet peeve" but I must be the only one who ever needs it.

When pasting text into a list (website URL's or other) it is hard to get that format.  Maxthon (my favorite web browser) has the option to grab both the title of the page as well as the URL in a single click.. very handy!

But when making neat and tidy list in either an Outlook Email body or a Word or other text document, it requires adding two carriage returns at the end of the paste or else you end up with a mixed up mess all run together.  There are 3 options usually presented for pasting what was in clipboard but none of them includes adding that double <enter> after the text to make a nice vertical list. 

While there may be list making software out there, i cant find anything that can do something as simple as adding the two <cr> so that I have closed the pasted line and skipped a line between that entry and the next one.  Plenty of stuff to REMOVE carriage returns but none to ADD a couple? 

This calls for a custom "Paste" option to for right click in Windows.  I am sure there are other variations that would be more helpful to different people who "live by the mouse" because I am pretty sure I could create a "Ctrl+?" version that would do it from the keyboard but that would not be as convenient when mousing around.  If I could take that macro and turn it into a little icon that showed up in "Right Click <> Paste....  Now that would be a handy thing to have.  Multiple custom-formatted paste options.  Surely there is a program for that?   :huh:

you should be able to do this with my Clipboard Help+Spell utility -- just create a custom format that adds the CRs or whatever, then you can access it from quick paste menu of CHS.

Is it not an option to collect first in a text file. Then, when collecting has finished, add the double carriage return (very easy with an hex-editor or text editor that has similar functionality). And when that is done, copy-paste the content from the text file into Outlook?

Although this seems more work, it is easier to automatize than working directly with MS Office applications. More reliable too, if you need to take different versions of Office into account.

I will give your clipboard program a try Mouser.
I knew someone on here had already done this but wasn't sure what to look for.
I never use clipboard in a way that having 2 extra CRs in every use would hurt anything and it would HELP greatly on "list making".  So if my "blank slate" for clipboard could start out with 2 CR's buil-in to every use that would work fine.
If anything added to clipboard would already have those 2 CR's at the end it would be perfect.  Of course, it would have been nice to have a choice but speed is the reason and if this speeds things up, I can deal with the few times a couple of CR's makes an issue. :)

I think it would be simple in ahk

--- ---SendMode Input

  SendRaw %clipboard%
  Send {Enter 2}

You can change control shift v to another hotkey

Edit:  also you could test the clipboard only has text.  But if you just copied to clipboard you can forgo the safety checks.  :)


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