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Laptop tray - for your lap [Recommendations?]

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I tore ligaments in my foot so I have to keep my leg up :(

I'm looking for a tray or holder for a laptop - but one that I can rest on my lap.
I have one I use in winter - is one of those trays with a cushion underneath - but it's much too warm for that now.

Requirements would be:
          # keeps laptop cool [doesnt need a fan though]
          # keeps me cool ;-)
          # unsure about the angle - probably ideally one that will keep the laptop level. Note: my legs are also 'level', so this may be a difficult requirement...

I'm looking at this one from Ikea (image below) - for me the angle is all wrong though. It may work if I reverse it - have the low end towards my knees - but I suspect that's too much the other extreme.

Laptop tray - for your lap [Recommendations?]

This one form Coolermaster looks okay - but unfortunately not available here [EU] (or is available at outrageous prices).

I couldnt find much else, so wondering if anyone can make a recommendation?

Maybe a side-table could work for you? Some ideas:

I got something from IKEA a few years ago called a BRÄDA, but searching for it on their website only shows what you attached.

Mine looks like this:

Laptop tray - for your lap [Recommendations?]

The underside has a beanbag type filling.

Laptop tray - for your lap [Recommendations?]

The beanbag filling is nice because you can shove it all to one end or spread it out evenly to get the angle you want. There are only 2 things that might not work well for you:

1. Your legs tend to get warm being covered up by this thing.
2. Though the top looks like it's non-skid, I find laptops/mice and other things slide around on it pretty easily.

Thanks both!

@Ath, I will have a look around here (online).

@Deozaan, yeah, I have something similar myself - but in the summer it's too much - it's already far too warm for longer periods, and it's supposed to be around 90°F for this coming week (and this is not air-conditioning country).

I use this one with my 14" laptop: Fellowes Portable Laptop Riser GoRiser Notebook stand.

It's plastic, so it's OK to use in the summer, and it folds, which makes it portable.


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