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Anybody on DC own an RV/Campervan, or completed a conversion?

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I quit my job, bought an army truck, and spent 19 months circumnavigating Africa

The planning stages took 18 months, from the point at which I decided we could now do it, through buying a suitable vehicle, kitting it out, doing a wilderness first aid course, 4x4 driving course, mechanics course and getting my truck driving licence, route planning, visa research, malaria and other disease research, etc etc. It was a long list!

In the end it was an incredible 19 month adventure that was at times incredibly difficult, stressful, scary and at times awe-inspiring, beautiful and filled with incredible experiences exploring new cultures, meeting amazing people and visiting beautiful places.
--- End quote ---

^^ Now THAT's what I call an RV campervan.

They've had some really cool ones on HGTV- one that was a schoolbus and one that converts into a larger space when stopped.  You might visit HGTV and take something from those also.


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