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[BUG] Pixelate sometimes fails on pixelating text

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The title says it all. The bug is not persistent, but occured ~80% of the time to me.

1) Take a screenshot
2) Select an area
3) Try to pixelate inside the area
4) Look for text "shining" through the pixelated area

1st attachment: Original screenshot
[ Invalid Attachment ]  // I don't know,  [ attach ] doesn't seem to work?

2nd attachment: Pixelated screenshot
[ Invalid Attachment ]

3rd: How it looks like in Screenshot Captor
[ Invalid Attachment ]

PS: Another small bug: Using screenshot name template "%customdate%__%filename%" works on other programs (%filename% on Explorer.exe = "explorer") but doesn't work for me on Screenshot Captor itself (equals nothing, like the 3rd attachment)

There's something weird going on there too - I see a "shadow" of your file list one item lower than it should be (see the extra "WorldEdit.lua" hanging off the bottom) and also in the column headers.

@ayryq, I'm aware of this but it's not a bug - it's my messed up capturing settings where the black border appears around the window to capture transparency (I'm too lazy to fix/reset the settings). The window's position changes when the black border is displayed thus the "shadow" of the text.

aryq's clue was significant and your follow up explained the problem; here's what's happening:

SC is trying to determine which backround areas of the window are (semi) transparent.  Whatever this bug is that is causing the window to move during this, is making SC think there is some partial transparency over that entire area of the window, so that the text all appears as semi-transparent to SC (even though when you look at it you dont see the effect).

So when the pixelate effect occurs, its not "clearing" the transparency, and so the pixelatated regions have some partial transparency where the text was.

So here's what to do:

1. I'll consider that a bug and have pixelate always completely clear any transparency when pixelating.  I'll try to have an SC update in the next week.
2. In the meantime, either fix whatever weirdness is causing the window to move, or to disable this transparency detection (which by the way will speed up capture), from here:

Let us know if that fixes it for new captures.

You could also do this for existing captures: Before applying pixelate or similar effects, choose 'Merge Background Transparency' from the objects menu.  That will remove any transparency from the image.

The window's position changes when the black border is displayed thus the "shadow" of the text.
--- End quote ---

getting back to this for a second -- do you know why this happens? Is it because the window is too close to an edge of the screen and SC is trying to move it?  Perhaps I need to add some code to delay after moving the window to give the window time to update..


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