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Missing icons for some links on Windows 10/8 64-bit

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I have the same issue.
To reproduce it in Windows 10 create a link to any .exe in Program Files by holding Alt and click drag the .exe. Search the link in FARR.
For comparison temporarily copy the same .exe to somewhere in Program Files (x86) and make a link to it and search in FARR.

Icons are also incorrect when using #filecontents to display a text string (not a file path) in the way described here. What happens then is that the icon from the results row above it is reused for the #filecontents row.

Hi together,

I just wanted to confirm that this issue still exists and can be pretty annoying because it prevents every bit of visual clue:
Missing icons for some links on Windows 10/8 64-bit

The scary thing is that it also affects my custom aliases (which are set to retrieve their icons from FindAndRunRobotPortable\AliasGroups\MyCustom\icons by using /ICON=icons\info.ico in the alias description).
But all icons are shown as Paint3D for some reason and I have not been able to deduct a pattern based on the behavior, so far :(

Is there a fix/workaround for this? Or is my setup just messed-up in some way?

Thanks so much for making FARR, anyway!


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