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desktop divider / magnetic window border snapper tool - with draggable dividers?

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Hi forum,

is there a good Windows desktop divider tool where you can live drag the divider (or, respectively, live drag adjoining window borders while keeping them snapped) in order to quickly adjust the window split ratio using the mouse?

Thanks for any tips
Cheers David.P

Ahh, just found this:

Any comments, experiences or alternatives?

Ahh, just found this:

Any comments, experiences or alternatives?
-David.P (June 22, 2015, 10:01 AM)
--- End quote ---

It may work fine for most.  Every time I try AquaSnap I get weird things happening.  No doubt due to the fact I have a lot of my own stuff running watching the active window and clipboard.  Although I may try it again as I changed one of my utilities so that it does not use clipboard on every click or arrow key as it used to.


Actually, I can't get that feature called AquaGlue: work at all (although activated)  :(

Do you know how to:
1.) quickly "maximize" two windows side by side; and then
2.) live drag the virtual divider between them?

OK I think I got it now. AquaGlue only seems to work after windows have been arranged by AquaSnap (not manually or by using WIN+Arrow combinations).


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