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capture whole window, including the part that's not visible


I need to capture the whole active window, including the part that's not visible.  I looked at the hotkey preferences, and thought that "active window" would do it, but it cut off the non-visible part.  Thanks in advance.  I love screenshot captor.

You need to experiment with "Scrolling Capture."
FWIW though, I would love a feature whereby SSC could force a particular window to a certain size, then capture the whole thing (even the "off-screen" parts).  :-*

Thank you.  Where would I find that?

I'm using version 3.18.0.  Do I need to update?  I'm generally conservative about updating, because I don't like spending time finding my way around a rearranged grocery store (so to speak).

hi aparente001,
I'm presuming you mean scroll the contents of a window and take a screenshot of the whole lot:

Some relevant video here (first one is something else, but the following ones are on topic):

And I would recommend updating SC as the scrolling capture has been upgraded not so long ago - there's no an option to scroll manually. I *think* the UI hasnt been changed much lately - if at all, so should not be a problem.


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