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Can't change alias of a plugin


Hi all,
when I go into an arbitrary plugin config mask, and try to change the alias to make it differ from the default one, at first, it seems as if the change works. For instance I can switch between various plugins, the lower part of the plugin screen gets updated accordingly. But when I close the plugin screen and come back to it, the alias change is gone, the field is empty again. Also the default alias is still the only one working. In case it matters, I am on a Windows 7 64bit machine.


I think this is a problem with saving plugin settings. It is a permission issuse, since the plugin settings are not in the users directory, but in c:\program files....
More details in this thread.
Workaround until mouser gets around to this - run FARR as admin, change the settings, run as regular user - all is well.

skajfes has it exactly right -- i will try to have a fix soon.

Ah yes, I did not check that - I usually do. Thanks, it worked. :)


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