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PixCalc - a handy pixel-to-inches/centimeters calculator

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thanks, it is working fine now  :up:


By the way: Being a user of IrfanView, I already have this feature easy at hand (Ctrl+R).
In IrfanView it is even supplied with the option to also change the photo's DPI setting.

Oh yeah?  Well I use XnView, and it can too!
Actually, I originally made PixCalc to be just a calculator, so I could take the pixel sizes and figure out the print sizes (hence pixels to inches) - that's why it's called Pix - Calc.
Then I realized how easy it would be to drag-n-drop an image and load the values automatically.
PixCalc is just a calculator for lazy people like m who don't want to do math to figure inches...

@BGM: is there a way to pass an mage via command-line? btw, thanks for the update

Aha!  No, not yet.  However, I have that on my todo list.

I am also conteplating a popup that can show some more image information (if you have dragged an image) - including the bit depth.
Also, I'm going to add an option (via commandline too) to disable the tray support - that way if you use it via commandline then it will stay hidden and not show.

That will be in the next version as soon as I can get a chance.

Okay, I've updated it to version 1.1.
Now it has several commandline parameters and an option to toggle the tray support.
Please see the accompanying chm file for details.


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