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PixCalc - a handy pixel-to-inches/centimeters calculator

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Hello, all!

Here's a little program that would have been better for the NANY.
I made it for myself, but I like to share (for free), so here it is!

It is a handy dandy calculator for converting pixels to inches or centimeters and vice-versa. You set the dpi, height, width of your image and it will give you immediate results and automatically copy them to your clipboard. You can also drag-n-drop images onto PixCalc and it will read the dimensions and dpi for you.

It comes with a chm help file.

Download link

nice looking app, BGM. thanks for sharing! :Thmbsup:

Thank you for sharing!
I like how easy you've made it to use the program. Bravo!
Is it true that the program only can be closed, exit, by right-clicking the icon in the tray?

surely, it must "let go" of the picture.

Hmm..  I didn't know it would lock the file!
You can exit by using the menu for the icon in the system tray, or by pushing ctrl+Q (see the help file for keyboard commands).
I'll look at the file-locks and make an update.

Ah - I figured it out.  It was a typo in the releasing code....   :-[
But I've updated it.
Please try it again for me!

Download link


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