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(Beginner) Where is "Blend mode "Multiple"??

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The first thing I wanted to do was highlight a non-rectangular area, as if with one of those colored highlighter pens

The edit screen even says "TIP: Use blend mode "Multiple" to let background image shine through"

But there's no "Multiple" on the blend menu, the most similar would be "Mul" (Multiply?)
I tried almost every blend mode and saw no difference in effect at all.  Red pen, acts like a real paintbrush and obliterates the background.  What am I missing?

Shucks I don't know what happened, but now transparency is working for me.  It wasn't before (the first time ever in to the edit screen, could that have been it?)
Anyway there's still no "Multiple" on the blend menu, but I have my highlighter working just fine.  All good.

Hi plehuntl.

It sounds like maybe some of the text is being cut off on the screen..

After you select the highlighter box you should see a combo box on the right hand panel that says "Blend Mode" and one of those options should be "Multiply":

Where do you see the 'TIP: Use blend mode "multiple"'?

There's no Blend mode Multiply here, in the paintbrush tool:

I don't really know why it's now working the way I want it, but it is!  8)
*Now* I'm looking for color replacement, but that's another story


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