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Start Menu X Pro on GOTD



Start Menu X Pro for free

A treat for me since I was using Start Menu X free version.  This utility used to be named Vista Start Menu.  It has some nice features.  I do not enable the "skip start screen" on Windows 8 because it seems to load after I am on the desktop.  That's the only real bug I have noticed in the free version.

I have installed the Pro but have not rebooted yet.

The download zip just requires running the setup program in the same folder as the included activation file.

Anyway by default it is set up as a nice compromise between XP style and Vista style.  The Start Folders cascade to the right but have a horizontal scroll bar.  I like it.  :)

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Midnight Rambler:
Interesting and have tried it but like a lot of others have said, this would be good for mainly Win 8.X users.  Hoping Win 7 will last as long as XP did and for that matter, still has.

Curt: $6 $19.99 for yet another 15½ hours from "now"


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