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REQ: Convert/Export Certain Browser's "Groups" as Chrome Bookmarks

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Thanks so much for providing the UTF8 conversion script and the latest version of the HTML2CGP tool. I tested both and here are the results.


Like before, the conversion works perfectly for converting from cgp to html, but when converting back from html to cgp, it's actually not quite as straightforward due to the more complicated format of the html file.

There are several things that needs to be addressed:

1. Slimjet exports ALL bookmarks as a single html file, without the option to exclude, but I neither need, nor want the entire bookmark collection to be converted back into cgp groups wholesale. So I would really like an option to specify a folder name that the exporter should look for, for example "Export to GB", under which I will copy over all the bookmarks and their folders that I actually want to be converted into cgp. Additionally, the folders under this folder might have multiple levels (nested folders), and the export needs to be able to export only those that have urls (bookmarks) DIRECTLY under them, while retaining the folder name as the cgp group file name. (Please see screenshot for clarification on what the format might be like.)

2. Since the folder names are to be converted into cgp group file names, some folder names may contain characters that are illegal for Windows file names. If the converter runs into any of them, it would be immensely helpful to have it auto-replace the illegal characters with an underscore "_"

[attachurl=#3][/attachurl] (html format of the above example)


I hate to bother you about this in addition to the converter, but I tested the script with different files, and it seems it's not accepting the encoding names. First I tried Shift-JIS, and then I switched to a cgp file, using the "gb2312" you gave as an example, but I kept getting the same error as below:


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