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new Futurama series! finally!

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i found the simpsons one of the best cartoons i've ever seen, i don't consider Futurama as good.
Although i like to watch it, it doesn't stick me to the tv as the simpsons' magnificence does.
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agreed.  i have enjoyed futurama but it never reached the profound level of genius that the simpsons is capable of.  not even close imho.

I never "felt" The Simpson as much as I felt Futurama.

I have seen every single episode at least twice :) can't say if I even saw every Simpsons episode. I will make sure to see all the new episodes of Futurama!

I own all the Futurama boxed sets so far and have watched them numerous times with and without directors commentary. I've loved every episode and can't wait for the new ones.

As for Simpsons, well I tend to make a distinction between old Simpsons and newer episodes. Early Simpsons are excellent cartoons and my fondness towards them is similar to the views expressed by others here. However later episodes are abismal affairs indeed. Its hard to nail down when the quality began to drop but I would put the U2 / Garbage Man episode as one of the turning points where things went sour.

:o !!! Good lord, can it be true? I sure hope so! Futurama has (somewhat ironically - more in a moment) become one of my favorite cartoons over the last year or so. This has me really excited, I must say. :D

It's funny because when it was actually on the air I didn't really think much of it! I saw a few episodes while it was still on the air and chuckled a bit, but it didn't really stick. A friend of mine was really into it and used to watch it at his girlfriend's house all the time, but I seldom saw it, and it never really grabbed me. After it was cancelled I happened to be living with someone who loved the show so I watched more of it and it didn't take long before I was hooked. I've now watched every episode at least 10 times (no, really). Zoidberg is my favorite character by a mile - I think he's completely hysterical - but I really love almost all of them. It's a wonderfully quirky show. Some folks on /. also pointed out the character development as the show progressed which I agree is a big part of why it's cool. Characters get older (at least to some degree), have girlfriends/boyfriends for long periods of time (aside from Maud's passing in The Simpsons there hasn't been much cross-episode romance there), and progress is even made on long-term conflicts (like the Fry/Leela romance).

So is Futurama better than The Simpsons? Yes, it's better than Simpsons *now*. Old Simpsons? Maybe not. But you know, they're both Matt Groenig shows, they are both weird and violent and yet oddly touching and endearing. They both have characters who are really just bad "people" in many ways, but are really good at heart and make you love them (Homer, Bart, Bender, Hermes).

One of the things I love about Futurama is the diversity of characters. Almost everyone is rather likeable IMO too. The same can be said of The Simpsons of course, but I think some of the Futurama characters are more unlikely and thus (IMO) more surprising and fun to find likeable.

Anyway, bottom line whether you like the show or not I think most can agree that there are far worse shows on TV that should have been cancelled before it. It joined the ranks of many of my other favorite shows that were cancelled well before their time - Family Guy and Firefly being the most notable examples. It's good to see that with Family Guy and now Futurama coming back there may be hope for other shows with enough fan support. Let's hope Firefly is next! And then Airwolf. ;)

- Oshyan

Futurama is cool and dandy and new, but there also is...

 And then Airwolf. ;)
-JavaJones (June 24, 2006, 01:33 AM)
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Hahahahaha I used to watch Airwolf when I was a kid, which is quite a many years ago. Oh man I loved that show, I thought it was supercool. Haven't heard of it for the past 10 or 15 years.

Speaking of which, I used to watch a tv show with a really psychopathic main character. He grew up in a carton box on the streets and somehow managed to become very successful as I don't know. He is a real psycho and manipulates and murders his collegues to hasten his own career. In his house he has a secret room filled with trash and a carton box; I think every episodes ends with him crawling into that box and wishing the viewer "Good Night". Does anybody the name of this series?


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