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Macrium Reflet Free 6.0.684


Macrium Reflect ?Free is now v. 6.0.684

Edit:  The editions feature comparison shows the only difference is included support.  This may be the best time to go with the Free Edition.  As far as I know only registered users may register in the forums.  That's another aspect of support I suppose.

Hmm, the page loaded in such a way that all the features appeared as enabled.  :)  Now it makes more sense.  :)

Thanks for the heads up. I have a couple of computers using the free version, so maybe it's time to update them :Thmbsup:.

Mmmmm now the free version has differential backup and auto-verify.

Looking good  :-*

At basic level, it's a good alternative to Acronis True Image 11 which is incompatible with Windows 10 Preview.  :)


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