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Tabs Outliner for Chrome

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Tab Groups work like this add-on except the manager was a bird's eye view rather than outline. You could see thumbnails of your pages in the group and drag and drop thumbnails between groups. Opening a group would open all tabs in the group. Works really well.

I will disable my The Great Suspender add-on and see what kind of effect it has on the tabs. It looks like the green X does kind of the equivalent. The difference might be that The Great Suspender suspends tabs automatically after a certain amount of time.

a group can be created 'within' a window in the outline.
When you open that window - the groups within it will not open. They have to be double clicked in turn to open them, and they will open in a separate window.
Drag Group button from toolbar to location you want to create a group.
Youtube video: How Groups Work
-tomos (June 17, 2015, 09:58 AM)
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I added some info about Groups - they do seem like a good way of organising stuff, especially related infos, e.g. researching compact cameras: one window with groupings for 30x, 20x, cameras etc.
Also makes it easy to open a window without opening all it's contents/'children'.

I went back to Firefox in 2015, but now using Vivaldi on one machine. Installed the 'Tabs Outliner' extension again and very happy about that.
I tend to lose track of tabs and consider session saving as a form of bookmarking :-[ **

A couple of comments:

There's a paid version of Tabs Outliner where keyboard shortcuts are enabled, but you need a Chrome account in order to purchase. I would like to support and enable shortcuts, but not going to open a chrome account just for that (havent researched it yet / dont particularly like the idea).

I'm still a little unsure if I have multiple windows open -- and close one, will it be lost. Must test that.

** Tabs Outliner is a game changer for me -- gives a good overview and allows me to save and organise and close unnecessary tabs easily.

Tabs Outliner for Chrome


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