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Laplink (PCMover) 30% off




For a limited time, enter coupon code SAVE30 at checkout and save 30% off select Laplink products*. Hurry, this offer expires on January 16th, 2008!

Featured Products:

PCmover    was $50, now $35

The easiest way to move into a new PC. PCmover is the only migration utility available that moves programs, files and settings from your old PC to your new PC. Simply install PCmover on both your old and new computer and go!

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Laplink Gold 2008    was $90, now $62.70

Now faster, better and the best value ever. With Laplink Gold 2008, you can quickly and easily connect to your PCs for remote control, file transfer, and synchronization; no matter where your PCs are.

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# FileMover - Move large files quickly and easily.
# PCsync - Fast, easy, and secure file transfer and synchronization.
# DoubleView - Double your PC real estate.
# PDAsync - Synchronize data between your PDAs and PC
# Laplink Everywhere - Remotely access your PC from any device.
# V for DOS - Move files between older PCs.


January 16' has come and gone, so the price for Laplink Gold 2008 is once again $90, but I have come to realize that Gold 2008 includes both Acronis Tru Image 10 ($50) and Lavasoft File Schredder ($30), so even $90 for the lot seems an attractive price, I think.


Again 30% off the listed prices. $35 instead of $50.

Special "Thank You" Savings:

It's our way of thanking you taking the time to update your communication preferences.

Enter coupon code YA34F on your next purchase from Laplink and save 30%*

* Expires May 1st, 2008.
Discount cannot be applied to Laplink RemoteAssist or any other volume license products from Laplink.-Amanda Marcus, Customer Service, Laplink Software
--- End quote ---

YA34F on

Forget it.  I don't need it anyway.

I posted a comment on the giveaway about the problems I had trying to download.  When I returned to the Laplink page it showed I had been given a license.  So it may work if you kick the tires a bit.  :)

It is a today only deal June 17.  I think it is the Pro version.  I am still downloading.

Edit: Note that the installer wants to install 3 yahoo PUPs.  But the check boxes are in the middle of the dialog and easy to see.  Not sneaky.


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