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Feature request: One-time capture delay


From time to time I have to make a screenshot of tooltip popups etc, that require a capture delay (and usually capturing mouse cursor, too). But in 95% of the cases I do not want to have a delay.

So it would be great to have the option to enable the delay only for the next shot, and then automatically revert back to "no delay".

Currently after the shot I have to go back to configuration and disable delay manually. More often than not, I forget that because I'm busy editing the captured image, and some time later I wonder why ScreenshotCaptor is not reacting, or is so slooow in taking shots (simply because the delay is still on)

Would be great if you could add that as a feature.

It's not a bad idea.. You can enable and disable delay from the system tray right-click menu.. Maybe i could add a new option there for enabling the delay one time only..
Or I could add a hotkey for it..

Yes, having it in the right-click menu as "Enable delay for next shot only" would be great! Thanks.
Hotkey would be additional benefit...

On my todo list is a complete revamp of the hotkey system which would let people create hotkeys for arbitrary things without cluttering the user interface so much -- similar to what i did for Find and Run Robot.
This would make it much less problematic to add new hotkeyable functions.

I don't know about others, but for my personal work style it would be enough to have a general setting in the options like "Automatically turn delay off after one delayed shot".

So if I enable the delay (by whatever means) and take the screenshot, the delay would return to disabled state.
If I need to do two consecutive screenshots with delay (which happens not often), I would need to enable the delay twice, but that is much more acceptable to me than having to disable it every time manually...


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