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WildGem 1.1

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Can you rephrase? I'm a bit confused, since Wildgem doesn't support batch file processing.

Just wanted to say thanks for this program it's the best tool I've ever found for learning Regex.
Anytime I can't remember something I can lunch Wildgem and figure out the answer in a fraction of the time it takes me to look over a normal cheat sheet.

I can lunch Wildgem
--- End quote ---

Did you like the taste? :)

Oh btw, do you use the non-Regex Wildgem syntax, or just the Regex syntax?

THis is cool to learn/use regex.
Thank you for the tool.
After OpalCalc, that the 2nd tool from you I will be using :)

One little remark: It would be nice if you provide a min form size, so that we don't end up with screens like this:
WildGem 1.1

Glad you're happy with it.

I gave the option to minimize to a small size only as an option - it's not enforced. For example, you might be lacking screen space and so wish to stack other windows onto the desktop too.


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