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How to specify remote folder (on SFTP server) in Free File Sync

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Hmm...when I use pwd on *NIX boxes, I get paths that start with a slash.  It seems like you have shell access -- I don't know if the readlink command is there, but 'readlink -f .' in my home directory gives me a full path (but then, so does 'pwd').

FWIW, I don't know how things are set up elsewhere, but I've often ended up with some paths that start with at least '/home/username' for the default directory I get when connecting via ssh or sftp.

Got it working. It's running right now. When it completes and I can access the right dialog, I'll report the path that worked.

...<i>and</i> lost it, because after job ran last night, Win7 rebooted to install updates. Thought I'd saved the config data but ... grrrr...

Decided on WinSCP for FTP synch. But if anyone has FreeFileSync sFTP connection string clue, I'm still interested.





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