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Maxthon Browser Users: Maybe one of you has already solved this

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I was just coming back to apologize.  I THOUGHT I did but I had not.
I had put it under Windows. I had even later that it needed to be in C:\Scripts and thought i copied it there (at least Paste.exe) but when I looked...Lo and behold Paste was not there.  By then I had concluded that everything should be in that folder anyway so I moved it all to c:\scripts and..
MEA CULPA mi Amigo!  Perfecto again!  it works as i would expect it to.  Point to the file you just downloaded, right click and choose your nifty add in and it DOES create a shortcut SO WELL that it it starts another download if not careful!
The "copy" in Maxthon is the "direct-link" to the actual download itself rather than just the main website (which is fine at least it gets me back to where it came from)

And all this other neat stuff you dredged up from God Knows where about Alternate Streams and such is exactly the kind of thing to drive someone NUTS over a rainy weekend.  I feel sure i will get my chance, :)

Needless to say:  My apologies. your stuff always works  :Thmbsup:  I just did not read closely enough the paths involved.

All but myself have hit the hay and I am about to as well but tomorrow i should have loads of fun with Alternate Streams of Reality or...
something similar.  Just the little i read by the references you sent was enough to give one pause to think what all else might be hidden between all those ones and zeros.

There's an updated version of StrmExt available here:

This version fixes a couple of bugs and lets you edit the ADS, (using RWStream.vbs - you need to hit Cancel when you finish adding stuff).  See my post here if you want to right-click add an ADS called URL.

Here if you want the PowerShell version.

Now let's hope that the link to the file you download still exists after say...six months? Or worse, the user/company moving domains? Or change the system behind their website (for example from Wordpress to Joomla)?

In my experience links do not always exist that long and you'll still end up with no info at all. As a serial downloader I have been burned enough by this. Nowadays I stopped with being a serial downloader and have used my system for years when I do need to download something. Granted, it isn't ideal either, but I have all the info (links, descriptions, screenshots, etc.) about the download, structured and searchable locally, but if I choose to in the cloud as well.

It all depends on what you want, I guess.

Sometimes when the sources dry up the only way I could find a download was to use the original download filename.  Like My Super Duper Utility version 5 might have a download name  Sometimes a google will pick up a copy sitting on a university server when nobody else is still hosting it.

Wow Talk about overload.  If i can't find the answer here somewhere then it does not exist!
Shades, i also saw your Zotero and after I actually got 4WD's Paste trick to work, i found out that what MAXTHON copies as the URL is a little TOO specific.
Not only that, but it also cannot always be modified to even get me back to the ballpark of where the file came from (like in cases where it came from zdnet or similar).
It is SO specific that i almost wonder what the point was in putting the option thee as what is gives is more like a Virtual-Link to the file itself.  It has no use other than as a direct reference to that one point and you are probably correct in that it wont be at that exact location maybe even as soon as the first version upgrade.
Still, that was WELL worth the "Ride" as i found all kinds of things that NOW i need to make those notes about why i found them and what is there and HOW to get back :)

The more i thought about the "Wiki" thing the better  it sounded but that went too far over my head to figure out.  I can see where ti would be extremely handy to anyone being able to hover over a filename on a site and see the "wiki" for that file would probably save me downloading a bunch of stuff that isn't even what it appears to be at first glance.  And since it would only appear as a pop-out display when hovering over the filename itself, it would not take up any room on the page hosting the file.  I just have to figure out how to edit that window that opens when you hover over a file and see if it can be made big enough to hold enough information to matter.  :)

This was a Fun Excursion and i more than appreciate all the input from everyone! 

Many Thanks to everyone  :Thmbsup: :D


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