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Maxthon Browser Users: Maybe one of you has already solved this

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You guys are great!  I have not been able to check back in but both of you seem to have some excellent methods in mind.
Don't get me wrong, it isn't that it is "too many clicks" or anything like that, it was a matter of "how it should be" and it isn't.  I have thousands of files in storage that i may never look at again but at one time, I thought they would be useful for some reason.  Usually, just gong back to where i found them is enough to jog my memory.  That was the original intent.  A download manager requires me to keep the files all in the same location as they were when the manager indexed them which over the years would not be the case,
While I COULD write up a brief note about where i got it and why and zip that up with the file, then i have to unzip he bunch to read the notes. 
Kind of like browsing through all the titles on Audible audiobooks and seeing an author i like i can then play a part of the book as a sample to see if it is interesting.
I started thinking how nice it would be to be able to "browse" through all those files and see a "synopsis" of the file in a "pop open" window that would display like a tool-tip when i hovered over the file.
To do this, i would need to be able to store just a small amount of data somewhere that would not mess up the file itself.  That was when i found "tags".  The problem was, for reasons I cannot discern,
They only work on video and audio files.  They are "there" on all files and usually empty.  Windows even offers to remove them (in cases where they can be removed) so i started looking for how they could be written to in the first place.  If a "tag" named URL were to have the actual URL of the file and one called description could hold a sentence about what i go it for.
I was looking for a way to make finding and using files that were located sometimes years before and now are only a zip file in a huge archive.  No references as to why it was put there or where it came from without opening the zip to see.  Plus those tags are searchable with windows so i could find those i might have referenced as "executable editors" or ?? but at least i could have a way to look for more than a file name which in some cases is just ""
I really appreciate your efforts and perhaps I am the only one who thinks OLD "stuff" would ever be of use in a NEW WORLD anyway ?? :)

My take on it, since the URL is already in the clipboard just send it to a .url with a little DOS help:

--- Code: Text ---@echo offrem Paste2URL.cmdrem Puts contents of clipboard into internet shortcutrem Requires paste.exe from [InternetShortcut] >"%~n1.url"echo|set /p=URL=>>"%~n1.url"C:\Scripts\paste.exe >>"%~n1.url"
A little registry hacking to add it to the file context menu:


--- Code: Text ---Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell\Paste clip to URL shortcut]@="" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell\Paste clip to URL shortcut\command]@="cmd.exe /c C:\\\\Scripts\\\\Paste2URL.cmd \"%1\""

--- Code: Text ---Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [-HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell\Paste clip to URL shortcut]

REQUIRES: paste.exe - adjust any path to suit where you put the script and/or paste.exe

>>>ADDED<<  Alright 4wd.  You popped in just as I posted this and i just read your posts.
Now i have to try that too  :huh:
So you might as well give the Whole Enchilada a Whirl.  A whole new system.  File-Wiki's that stay attached to the files they comment on.
I just had my daughter toss in her 2 cents worth and it added another whole level of possibilities to this.
While this is far beyond my capabilities, perhaps one of you can see a way for this to happen.  The results would be more like a permanent "tag" that would be attached to the file just as any picture file etc only this would be the same for program files.  
The way her input changed things was that I should be making these comments and URL links a permanent "TAG" entry for the file.  One that could be seen and used by others.  Sort of like a "Wikipedia" entry for the program or file it is attached to. A short description of what it does as well as some sort of grading system (ie: 5 star etc) and perhaps even a Likes and Dis Likes vote.  This way if I shared the file with someone else they could benefit from the inputs of everyone else who had handled it.
I think that is great but it is also far more than I can manage.  But it does give another viewpoint on things.  I am sure all of us have downloaded files from sites where it sure would be nice to be able to see that previous handlers of the file had given it a high rating or made comments such as Beware of added Crapware.   These are the things you do see in comments where you go to get the file to start with but those comments don't STAY with the downloaded file and are often forgotten when you run it months later
This is the kind of thing that perhaps even DC would benefit from if this was done in such a way as to make it an
"added feature" of the file structure.  Something you would not see or even know was there unless you had the proper application running to allow you to view this mini-"FileWiki" on your own system any time you viewed your downloads.
My daughter thinks bigger than i do, and i would still settle for the pop up URL if it was click able.  I can see info about every file that pops out when you hover over the file but none of it is interactive (ie: clickable) and i have not found a way to modify what is displayed though i am sure it is something simple,  I thought I would toss her added idea out there before i started trying to work with both of your suggestions.

So you might as well give the Whole Enchilada a Whirl.  A whole new system.  File-Wiki's that stay attached to the files they comment on.-questorfla (June 15, 2015, 10:46 PM)
--- End quote ---

That's way beyond the scope of my brain cell  ;D

But as a suggestion you could try using the Alternate Data Stream to attach comments to files.

There's an explanation on that page of how the ADS is used to tell Windows whether a download is from a "nice" website or not.

Here's a modified command file that will paste the clipboard to an ADS for a file:

--- Code: Text ---@echo offrem Paste2ADS.cmdrem Puts contents of clipboard into an ADS called Commentrem Requires paste.exe from\Scripts\paste.exe >>"%~1:URL"
You can then view it with Powershell:

--- Code: PowerShell ---PS C:\scripts> get-content -path shortcut.exe -stream 'URL' C:\scripts>

AHH!  Soooo Close! :o
But the copied URL is
This was just a test.  I emptied my DL folder so nothing in it, then dl'ed just the one file i was hoping (but not expecting :(  ) that it would be on full auto and i would find the mixtape file along with the url to get back to it inthe downloads folder just by clicking copy url, then clicking download and save.
But even if i go to the downloads folder, while i do have the right click option to past clip to url shortcut But-- if i right click the file, doing this makes nothing for me :(  I was so hopeful ... And it is probably something i did wrong.
The registry edit went fine and paste is in the windows folder.
As long as you got that far dont suppose you could make a litle more magic and bend this hole procedure into the act of clicking download?  If the URL in in the clipboard, dont suppose there is a way to make it link up with the clicking of the download button?

 ;D :onfire:  Why not ask for the stars if you are already to the Moon.??  Seriously that was some quick reg hacking.


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