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Maxthon Browser Users: Maybe one of you has already solved this

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Okay, not counting it's a couple of clicks, I'll do my usual "foot in mouth" routine and ask what you are trying to add, that's not "Right Click / Properties" in regular Windows!

-TaoPhoenix (June 13, 2015, 07:09 PM)
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Since MilesAhead's screenshot seems different from my system, I'll post one of my own to hopefully explain my confusion.
 (see attachment in previous post)
Does anyone else have this on their system? Does it do what he wants?

-TaoPhoenix (June 14, 2015, 09:21 AM)
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No Summary Tab after XP

questorfla would a program in the SendTo folder be alright or is that too many clicks?

Or context menu or drag and drop onto desktop icon and Open With or yet another hotkey in the tray.  :)

 If the url is going to be in the clipboard when my program launches or gets a hotkey press and I can get the path of the selected program in Explorer then it should be easy to create a .url file in the same folder as the download.  Initially the icon for the file would be the default browser.  I would have to play it by ear when it is time for customizations.

But say you have C:\MyDownloads\, you would select it and either use context menu or sendto or hit a hotkey, then would appear C:\MyDownloads\CoolFrebie.url with embedded whatever text was in the clipboard.  Hopefully a url that is navigated to by the default browser when the shortcut is double clicked.

If you want to try that I can likely have something working during the day tomorrow.  Then you can try it out and see how it feels, suggest enhancements or decide it's not the way to go .. whatever.  :)

Edit:  If you already use a general purpose hotkey script then it may only need 1/2 dozen lines of script added to do the .lnk file creation. 

I'm going to offer an alternate's what I use to keep track of download URLs. It's a two-prong approach. I use a download manager, Internet Download Accelerator, that saves comments/URLs in descript.ion files. I then use a file manager, Directory Opus, that recognizes descript.ion files to display the comments.

It's an archaic system as descript.ion files go way back to the days of MS-DOS, but they still have use in today's world. I was very sad when ACDSee dropped the feature of supporting descript.ion files.

I don't know why I didn't think of it before.  Somebody must have sprayed me with "Stupid" or something.  :)
I can just modify CommentExplorer so that when the ToolTip displays the comment it is copied to the clipboard.  I was saving clipboard contents and putting it back after using the clipboard to get the filename.  But if the user is browsing through the download folder chances are there aren't a bunch of clipboard operations going on.

Besides, one of the most obvious uses for CommentExplorer and the reason I wrote it, was for commenting downloads.  A url is as good a comment as any.   :Thmbsup:

I think I'm going to do this modification today as it is quick and easy.  As soon as I get it debugged I'll upload it to my page and post a note here.

Edit:  Hmm, may not be as easy as I thought.  Too many interactions with the clipboard as it is.  My Copy as Path doesn't work while CommentExplorer is running due to this.  I'll have to rework it one of these days to use an ahk library to get Explorer selections rather than the clipboard.

Of course another flaw in the design is I don't have any indication which files in a folder have a comment until I click on them.  Not having this built into the file system means it's a kludge no matter what.  I hate it that I'm still messing with this after 14 years.  Maybe I'll switch to Linux when Windows 10 takes over.  :)

I haven't tested the modifications with all the copy functions etc.. but the main function seems to work.
CommentExplorer no longer uses the Clipboard to get the selected items in the Explorer folder.
It uses Explorer_GetSelection() function by Learning One from ahk forums.

When the ToolTip comment appears it is copied to the clipboard.  When the ToolTip closes the original clipboard contents are restored.  This has the nice side effect that now the Windows Copy As Path is working again on my system.

Note that all the stuff in the zip file should be unzipped to the same folder.  Don't delete the DLL because the program will likely crap out if it tries to make a Taskbar Progress and it is not found.  :)


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