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Maxthon Browser Users: Maybe one of you has already solved this

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For a long time now I have been looking for a way to save the URL to the sites where I download from.  A simple way to be able to go back to the site where I found each app or Program I downloaded.  Just the written text in a TX file would do but an active URL shortcut would be even better.
One day I noticed that Maxthon has the option to copy the target URL at the time I save the download which would be a perfect solution.  Except they did not complete the task.  After i click Save and the download finishes i still have to navigate to the downloads folder, open a text file, (or create a new shortcut) name it as the name of the download and paste the contents of the clipboard into it and save the results.
The end result is exactly what I needed but it takes so many steps to do something that it seems should be a part of the setup.  What is the point in copying the URL if I am not going to save it somewhere?  Most logically in the downloads folder with the name of the download I got from that URL.   If i could change the layout such that the URL is saved to a Shortcut instead if a text file this would probably work.
I wrote to the developers at Maxthon but go no reply so far.  I wonder what they intended that Save URL to be for if not what I need?  Anyway, since it saves to clipboard, if there is a way to add the rest of the process into the download script it would sure be nice.
So far I have not found the name of the variable that holds that info nor a way to add a couple of steps into their download script but I assume it is there somewhere in their developer modules?
Has  anyone here played with customization of their browser?

If you have the url in clipboard it may be a good use for CommentExplorer. Once you save the download you can select it with the mouse in Explorer and press Shift-F11 to bring up an inputbox to paste it instead of a comment.

The name of the file is the key to the comment data so you should not rename the file once you have commented it.  Of course you can press Shift-F11 again to display the comment to copy to clipboard before renaming.  To just see the comment select the download file with the mouse or arrow key.

A fairly quick way to launch the url with a browser from the comment inputbox if you have BrowserBunch running, select the url in the inputbox and press Control Shift F4.  BrowserBunch will load with the url copied to clipboard.  Click a browser and it will navigate to the url if launched via that hotkey.

Both programs are free and may be downloaded from my page here:

See the included Readme.txt files in each zip for detailed usage info.

Another possibility may be a Tree type note program such as TreePad.  Paste the url on the right hand data side of a new node and name the node after the downloaded program.  TreePad supports clicking links to launch the default browser.

In fact instead of going through BrowserBunch to launch the url at a later date, EditPadLite7 makes clickable links for urls it finds in text files.  If it is the default editor for .txt files, double clicking CommentExplorerFolderData.txt in your download folder will bring it up.  Just search the filename and double click the url on the next line.

CommentExplorer has 2 modes.  Folder and Global.  Folder is more versatile because it makes a data file in each folder in which you comment a file.  Global mode you only have to deal with one data file but there is the old drive letter buggaboo if you should move files to other folders/drives/machines etc.  The entire file path has to match to retrieve the comment.

Thanks MilesAhead, I will try one of those.
When I saw your comment, I was a little bit DeJaVu as I swear i had just run across your site (or seen the name in some way) during a search for some settings on a new driver from Intel for my NIC. <>
Scaling up to 10GBPS already?  I can hardly wait for it to be the norm.

I had previously considered using one of the "properties" options in the downloaded file itself but i ran into issues finding a workable program that could do this.  Most of those that did worked with nothing but Music or Video files.  Even if it did, the information would be something i could only "see" but not access as a link.  So I had to pass on a solution that would have made it an all-in-one fix.

Would be nice if that was an option.  Maybe a right click to access a specific property of a file (where i could place the URL) rather than left click to run the default application for that file type. Now That would be a slick package!

Looks like your comment explorer does do almost exactly this.  Where is the comment actually stored?  Other than the shift-F11 is there another location to find the info such that it would be a click-able URL?  Or maybe if it could display on hover?  >>  :)  Just kidding i am sure that would be a huge mod to the windows explorer setup<<

Worked very well though and thanks for that.  I will now try the Treepad option but your AHK setup beat having to create shortcuts.  Although... since you wrote the script for the comments in ahk suppose it would be possible to create the "new shortcut" the same way?  then I could paste the url into the shortcut path and be done with it since the shortcut automatically names itself as the path entered unless you chose to change it.?

OK,milesahead, I give up.  I will just hope you have a different view on this problem as nothing i can find even gets close to the need.
After my last comments on your post, i started thinking again about why i could not simply do what i said i needed.  I knew i had tried this before and while i never found anything that worked, it always seemed that it was just around the corner.
Because Maxthon makes it so easy to first click to copy the URL, then click to download the file, the URL is still held in the clipboard SO if i could only do a right click on the downloaded file and add that info the file itself that would solve everything and keep the directory nice and tidy.
Problem is, i cannot find a program that can add a "property" to a ZIP file.  Or for that matter to any file other than music or video.  I can display many properties but cannot edit any of them.  Nor can i add one of my own. 
After trying out 20 different utilities I now have so many right click options i need to clean the clock on most but not one of them can so something as simple as add a property called "URL" and paste in the info in the clipboard.  Or even use the clipboard info to fill i a preexisting field like "description"
I have to wait for a more adept hacker than i to figure this one out. 
I still cant believe that this is not already a built in option with some program.
All the parts are there, just no way to assemble them. :(


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