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Free Task Manager total resources for multiple instances?

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I'm looking for a free Task Manager replacement in Windows 8 that will display total resource usage for multiple instances of a process.  As example google chrome.  If I use Windows Task Manager or the one built into chrome it still makes me do the math for total memory usage etc..  I am on a computer.  It should be able to sum that stuff up for me.

Anyone know a good freebie with the feature?

I'd be surprised if good old Process Explorer from
can't do it...   8)

To my knowledge Process Explorer only shows the usage of resources per process. It doesn't sum the resource usage of linked processes. At least I didn't see such an option in version 15.22 (or previous ones) of Process Explorer.

Process Hacker is an excellent alternative to Process Explorer, but it doesn't sum resource usage of linked processes either.

NirSoft also doesn't appear to have a tool that sums up resource usage.

All your other requests are managed very well by either Process Explorer or Process Hacker.

(Never mind.  I thought SystemExplorer did it.  But I think it was just that the memory used by the parent process looked close to the total for the child processes.  Still no joy.)  :)

What if you show the Process Memory->Virtual Size column in Process Explorer?


Free Task Manager total resources for multiple instances?

Actually, while that figure for Dragon seemed reasonable, some of the figures reported by other processes are a bit large.


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