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Due to a new feature of the AHK WinGet function that returns the path of the program that owns a window I have released a different take on my HomeFolder utility called HomeFolder2.

Note: Because it is HomeFolder2 I set the version info at
I don't expect it to need any updates.  :)

Aside from the about box, donate etc.. the main function amounts to this

--- ---$+NumpadSub::
    If (pPath)
      n := InStr(pPath,"\",,0)
      Run %sl%

Compiled as 32 bit it seems to work well with windows owned by both 32 and 64 bit exes.  Lexicos does some magic inside ahk.  :)

Edit: for those not familiar with the first implementation of HomeFolder, the idea is if you want to go to the install folder of a program, activate its main window by clicking on it if it is not on top already, and hit the Shift Number Pad Minus key.  An Explorer window should open to that folder.  If the folder is already open in Explorer it may seem that nothing has happened.  It may depend if you have Folder settings to open Explorer folders in a separate process.  I use the same process so it only opens if it is not already up.

Good to see Miles.
Best Regards

Good to see Miles.
Best Regards
-Contro (June 11, 2015, 11:28 PM)
--- End quote ---

Thank you.  :)


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