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simply create a projection

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is there a software and command to easily create a projection of a 2D image?

I am thinking to select a 2D image and drag it, so that a duplicate of this image will be created in a different position and also lines connecting the two duplicate 2D images will be created automatically

so that the result will be a 3D image of the 2D image you had! it will add volume!

any idea?



Wow, Kalos, this is one of your more unusual requests.

I think I'm stuck in a few places.

What is a projection?

And about all this copying, what exactly are you trying to do, that a good copy and control-V twelve times won't do?

maybe the term projection is not correct, my apologies

I will give you an example:

you draw a circle
then you copy that circle and paste it a bit further
then if you connect with the proper lines these two circles, you will have a cylinder!

this is what I am trying to do, but for more complicated 2D drawings
simple copy/paste works to draw the second circle, but the tricky part is to draw the lines to connect the two 2D drawings, as they maybe needed more than two simple lines to give that 3D effect


wow very good find, thanks!


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