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raffle/random choice software

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Joe Hone:
I thought I read about something like this here on DC before but the search engine is failing me. I'm working with a non-profit foundation that wants to award nominal amounts of cash to charitable groups in the USA on a random selection basis. These are small groups, often church ministries, providing localized services like special needs tutoring, food banks, cholesterol screening, etc. The non-profit doesn't want to use the words "chance" or "lottery" in the application notices, and it most definitely wants to use a software program to ensure the selection process is fair. It expects a hundred or more applications for about 20 awards. I've done web searches, but as always, DC will give me a better start than guessing what software works and what doesn't. Any input or advice?

Maybe mousers World Cup Predictor could be a start for you? It's not exactly what you've asked, but it does give some kind of a prediction :)

Forgive me if I'm getting out of my depth. I have a way of doing that.

But given this statement,
"It expects a hundred or more applications for about 20 awards"

I don't get why something like thirty lines of 1980's grade Basic code doesn't work?

Aka, putting a few frills on the front end, this should be a snap as a Coding Snack here!

A site I frequent ( sometimes has giveaways; the site owner uses to choose a commenter for the prize. They have many functions, including one that picks multiple, unique, random numbers from a set.

Here's a link to choose one set of 20 random numbers, chosen from 1-100. (You could number your groups)

They are super geeky about making sure their numbers are random; here for example are their statistics:

I should add that it is key that you take the (first) output of whatever software you go with. Trust the randomness and don't "try again" if the results you get don't seem "random enough."


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