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Quick Fuck Off - FOAAS for Thunderbird & SeaMonkey


This extension serves the purpose of providing instant access to the FOAAS web service. FOAAS (Fuck Off As A Service) provides a modern, RESTful, scalable solution to the common problem of telling people to fuck off.
--- End quote ---

SeaMonkey version
Thunderbird version


Version 2.0.0 is in the review queue, tracking this week's FOAAS updates.
Meanwhile, the add-on was moved to Mozilla's new Thunderbird add-on domain...

I will have to make an all-new version for the all-new Thunderbird (which only supports the ridiculous web extension format now as well).
Is anyone interested or can I procrastinate it for a few more years?

You should port it to Interlink.

I've never heard of that. What does it do, besides being based on an unsupported framework?


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