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Multiple Partitions on USB Flash Drive



I have a 32GB USB thumb drive & looking for a software that can do the following:

1. Create multiple partitions on USB flash drive (preferably 4 partitions).

2. Have the following in each partition:

Partition 1: User data that includes pics, vids, docs, installer files, portable apps, image files (iso), etc...(around 15GB)

Partition 2: Bootable OS (say Windows 10) - (around 4GB)

Partition 3: A live USB like environment which includes anti-virus tools & other tools like partition repair, recover lost data, etc...(around 5GB)

Partition 4: Reserved for Windows "ReadyBoost". (around 3GB)

The biggest challenge with USB thumbdrives is that if one wants to use any of the above, then the entire drive needs to be formatted.

Is there such a software?



Partition 4: Reserved for Windows "ReadyBoost". (around 3GB)
-Nzyme (June 06, 2015, 01:14 AM)
--- End quote ---
AFAIK, ReadyBoost requires that the entire usb drive is available for its use.

And besides that, I remember reading somewhere (possibly on DC) that the usb (software)driver doesn't allow it to be partioned. :huh:
Edit: It needs the 'removable drive' bit changed:


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