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Desura have gone bankrupt!



The online game marketplace, Desura, has filed for bankruptcy shortly after reports that developers had not been paid for their sales on the platform. The lack of payment for small indie developers has apparently been going on for months, similarly to when Crytek UK were having issues and could not pay their employees.
Desura is owned by Bad Juju Games, the acquisition was only just made in November last year. The original creator of Desura was Linden Lab.
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If you ever bought any games from Indie Royale, you'd better download them while you still can.

Indie Royale is/was run by Desura, and as far as I know, nobody has answered the question of how long people will still be able to access their purchases. The @indieroyale folks on twitter no longer have access to their email accounts.

Some tweets from @indieroyale:

Quick reminder,  this is now the unofficial Indie Royale account manager by @uncomplex until I find a new role. #irrip-
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No access to Indie Royale email :(-
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And this message was retweeted by @indieroyale:

Ouch. So Desura is pretty much on its last legs. The @indieroyale account has gone unofficial and no longer has email access.-
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Get your games while you can!


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