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FossaMail - brought to you by the makers of Pale Moon


Yes, I'm about to kill off another project Innuendo  :P

FossaMail is a Windows/Linux x86/x64 mail/news/chat client based on Thunderbird but using the optimised Pale Moon browser core.


* Is built from source with compiler optimizations geared towards an as stable and smooth operation of the client as possible (Pale Moon-alike optimizations).
* Uses the Pale Moon browser core as its back-end. The client is therefore based on Pale Moon rather than other Mozilla-powered products.
* Uses its own profile folder on your system. This means it will not interfere with existing Thunderbird installations.
* The default profile location is %APPDATA%\FossaMail
* Should be compatible with all Thunderbird (v24/25b era) add-ons and plugins.
* Is available in 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) versions for both Windows and Linux.
* Comes with an optional calendar/organizer add-on (Lightning, available from the download location below) that will allow it to be used in a Microsoft Outlook style information manager fashion.
System requirements:

* Operating system either:
* Windows Vista or above (Windows XP is not supported), OR
* A recent Linux distribution (it will not run on particularly old kernel/libc combinations)
* A processor with SSE2 support
* Sufficient hard drive space to install and store your e-mail and other data
* An internet connection ;-)

I've known about this one for quite a while and I do applaud the Pale Moon author for stepping up and releasing another mail client (there's a shortage of good ones these days). However, I wonder if the world needs another fork of Thunderbird.

Thunderbird is not exactly holding a large market-share and it seems like even Mozilla isn't really sure what to do the project. While I'd love to see FossaMail take off in popularity, I'd love to see Thunderbird take off in popularity even more so. :)


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