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Replace any string (even several lines) in multiple word files

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Replace any string (even several lines) in multiple word files ?

is it possible ?

replace a string in multiple word files ( files in a folder, files in several folders....)

I tried with Inforapid Search & Replace, but is not able with binary files.

Have you tried with success anyone else ?

Best Regards

Note : I think this feature is not in the official microsoft website
for the last versions. I am using word 2010

Here's a VB script that might do it. Can't test it, sorry:

Here's a different one

And there's a $20 app in the windows store called "Global Office Find And Replace"

If you're willing to try LibreOffice, there's an extension that has a "Batch mode" find and replace that can be used on multiple files at once (button labeled "multiple execute"). It's quite a complicated extension but may be worth figuring out if you need to do this often.

EDIT: I should add that the extension referenced above has built-in support for line breaks. It also has a macro language that can be used for very complicated operations: one of the demos adds HTML tags to a document (e.g. text that is formatted bold in the document has < b > tags put around it)


Double post, sorry

Beautiful nose Eric.

Good information to explorer.
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