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A one line Dirt Simple way to Compare and delete one of a pair of equal Folders


This job is TOO simple for most Duplicate finders.
Just compare the size of folders in two directories that have the same name. "The Objective" is to delete the folders in Directory "A" if the same folder i Directory B is the same size.

Any "Duplicate Finder" can do this but they all require too much time to build indexes of filenames.  I am 99% sure that every folder IS a duplicate.  I only need to be certain that it is (verified by size) before I delete them from Directory "A"
By hand:  Check to see if a folder in Directory A has the same name as a folder in Directory B.  and if they are the same size.  If those two conditions are met I delete the folder from Directory "A".

If there is no folder by the same name in List B OR if the names are the same but properties show different sizes, then skip that one and g to the next folder in Directory A.  The odd few I will double check by hand at the end.

These are very long directory lists and the duplicate finders I tried took so long to just scan and index the filenames (which is not necessary for this task) that I think they have stopped working.  Also, if I could create a list of all the confirmed deleted folders that would be nice too but not required.  In the end, I hope to reformat ALL of Drive A and move on to combining Drive B and Drive C until they are all one copy of each file all in just one drive.

If i could get this to work just like the find and delete Zero length files script I posted the other day I would be very happy :)  I am still tinkering with getting 4WD'S test for the old Windows encryptions files to clean up the other misfits.  Doing this by hand from a printed directory isn't so bad but if there is a way to automate it, why not?

As usual, if I only had to do this once, i would not even ask, it would be easier to just plod through them by hand.

Oh well/  Ask and ye shall receive.  :-[
 It was just a matter or rephrasing my search. has an excellent tool thatdoes exactly what i need in both Free and Pro called 'Vice Versa'.  I have heard of it but never got around to trying it.  It has the exact parameters needed for this and most other combinations I have needed.
If anyone out there hasn't tried it and needs anything like it, I would give it high marks for OutOfTheBox usability
No instructions required (but I am sure as always it works even better after reading the manual :) :Thmbsup:

why not just merge the folders then delete everything that's left?

I am still tinkering with getting 4WD'S test for the old Windows encryptions files to clean up the other misfits.-questorfla (June 01, 2015, 10:45 PM)
--- End quote ---

Did you see this post?

The PowerShell script will delete any encrypted file/folder on any drive you choose.


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