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In case anyone missed this on LifeHacker yesterday, it's well-worth a look:

And then there's the hip-hop version!:

Pretty cool looking stuff.  Reminds me somewhat of Looking Glass, originally by Sun, now OSS.
Sorry, don't have a link in my pocket  :-[

Very good, an interesting way of interaction, as mentioned in the link, it somewhat resembles the Multi-touch screen interface demonstration.
Still, in my opinion, the latter one it better conceibed.
Truth is, BumpTop might be quite close, it's not as "irealistic" as multi-touch screen interface.

[edit]I've just seen the "hip-hop version"  ;D ;D ;D [/edit]

Fantastic stuff! Dug the hip-hop version. :D

- Oshyan

very cool - and completely useless as a real gui in my opinion.


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