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I want to be connected to GPS at the same time with receiving SMS or being on a phone call, does that need dual sim standby or full active?
-kalos (May 31, 2015, 02:11 PM)
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GPS doesn't require any sim at all; my tablet doesn't have a sim slot but has perfect gps reception.
And why is receiving an sms limited by any phonecall you make? The linux based OS beneath either Android or iOS is perfectly capable of multi-tasking.

Please turn on your brain before posting a question  >:(

well according to you, any dual sim phone would do, but according to a mobile forum I asked, I need ONLY dual sim full active phones to do that

As Ath said, GPS has nothing to do with the SIMs or the cell radios.  

What happens with a dual SIM that supports stand-by is that when you're not actively using the cell radio (is., you're not in a phone call), the phone is 'multiplexing' between the two SIMs.  It'll activate one SIM to allow a connection on that phone number, and if nothing's going on, it'll switch the connection to the other SIM.  It does this automatically, without you having to manually choose which SIM is active.

I don't know how often the switch is done, but it's fast/often enough that any incoming calls on either SIM just ring the phone.  Dual active SIM phones actually have two sets of cell radios, so using one SIM doesn't affect the connectivity of the other at all.

However, when you are actively in a phone call with a stand-by dual SIM, the other SIM is never activated.  I think that for most people this isn't really an issue - incoming calls on the other SIM will go to voicemail. Just like if you had a single SIM.  

It might be a problem if you want to conference calls across the SIMs.

The other area that I think where stand-by could be a problem is if you're like me and use one SIM for voice/text and the other for data.  In that situation you won't be able to use data while you are actively in a phone call.  Personally, this hasn't been a problem at all.  The only time I noticed that I didn't have data access during a phone call was when I tried doing it just to see if it worked or not.

Excellent and well priced 3GB phone with Dual-SIM Dual-standby:

Dual-SIM dual standby *may* do what you want.

You will be able to have GPS while having any of your SIM cards engaged, since GPS is independent (as already explained by another poster) and will even work in airplane mode.

On DS standby while you are *engaged* on one SIM card (voice, there are different schemes that deal with data) the other SIM card goes into standby mode, i.e. no incoming SMS or calls or data.

While you are on a phone call with one SIM, in most cases you will not be able to receive an SMS on the SIM card, but you *will* receive any SMS sent to you while you were on that call as soon as you hang up (on DS dual standby), since the provider buffers the SMS and sends it once the SIM card is available again. Some Dual SIM Dual Standby schemes may work slightly different.

Here is a phone with Dual SIM dual active (be careful, different model versions and different features, some may only have Dual SIM dual standby):

... but according to a mobile forum I asked, I need ONLY dual sim full active phones to do that-kalos (May 31, 2015, 04:36 PM)
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The only time a mobile/data connection is helpful but not necessary is for Assisted GPS (A-GPS) where the phone can download the latest GPS almanac (and/or utilise multilateration to provide it's location) which will decrease it's TTFF (Time To First Fix) by GPS from satellites.  ie. Instead of taking a cold start of 45 seconds to provide a GPS fix, it might take 20 seconds.

The almanac will be downloaded from the GPS satellites if it can't be obtained another way this is what a normal non-data connected GPS receiver does.

Phone location can also be approximated by other means, (WiFi, etc), but none of them are a requirement for GPS, as @Ath said.

Regarding Dual SIM, some phones use the MicroSD as the slot for the second SIM, you either have Dual SIM or expanded memory capacity, not both.


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