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What happens with a dual SIM that supports stand-by is that when you're not actively using the cell radio (is., you're not in a phone call), the phone is 'multiplexing' between the two SIMs.  It'll activate one SIM to allow a connection on that phone number, and if nothing's going on, it'll switch the connection to the other SIM.  It does this automatically, without you having to manually choose which SIM is active.

I don't know how often the switch is done, but it's fast/often enough that any incoming calls on either SIM just ring the phone.  Dual active SIM phones actually have two sets of cell radios, so using one SIM doesn't affect the connectivity of the other at all.

However, when you are actively in a phone call with a stand-by dual SIM, the other SIM is never activated.  I think that for most people this isn't really an issue - incoming calls on the other SIM will go to voicemail. Just like if you had a single SIM.  

It might be a problem if you want to conference calls across the SIMs.

The other area that I think where stand-by could be a problem is if you're like me and use one SIM for voice/text and the other for data.  In that situation you won't be able to use data while you are actively in a phone call.  Personally, this hasn't been a problem at all.  The only time I noticed that I didn't have data access during a phone call was when I tried doing it just to see if it worked or not.
-mwb1100 (May 31, 2015, 05:24 PM)
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thanks for that description - I had misunderstood your initial post to mean only one SIM worked at a time - and that you would have to manually activate/change between the two. I would presume then that's also what I have.

Ath rushed to judge

GPS may be independent of internet, but it only gives you the coordinates, to get the rest useful stuff you need to have an internet connection to download maps, update them etc.
by GPS I meant basically Google Maps, which ONLY works if you have internet (otherwise it says that it is not available because there is no connection)

also, along with Google Maps, I also want to add internet connection in general: I want to download something with sim 1 and receive a call with sim 2

from my research, to do that, I need dual sim full ACTIVE not dual sim standby

Ath rushed to judge
-kalos (June 01, 2015, 02:39 AM)
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Hmm, we could agree to disagree here.

by GPS I meant basically Google Maps, which ONLY works if you have internet (otherwise it says that it is not available because there is no connection)
-kalos (June 01, 2015, 02:39 AM)
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That's not what you said before...
There are several free, turn-by-turn, navigation apps that work off-line, by downloading the maps beforehand, and only using GPS for the current location. That's how I (could) use my tablet for outdoor navigation.

I know, but I want Google Maps, because it integrates google search with map results

I've used my single-SIM phone before to be on a phone call AND load data from the internet via 3G/4G at the same time.


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