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How to use spellcheck

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I just want to make sure I'm not missing something. The way I see it, CHS's spellchecker is used by copying a selection to clipboard, then running spellcheck on it within the CHS window. There is no way to use CHS to spellcheck text while it's within the target application, specifycally on the fly there.

I ask because I'm considering the need for a system spellchecker.


Hey Paul.
You are basically right -- although there was a feature added to CHS to let it check some external windows edit boxes directly.
It's in the Hotkey options under "Spell Windows Object".
Set a hotkey and trigger the hotkey when you are in the other program's text edit box, and see what happens.
Let me know if you can get it to do anything in different programs -- some may work and others not -- it's not a feature i've used in many years.

Hi mouser,

I don't see either Hotkey options or Spell Windows Object. I'm on v2.29.0.


Hotkeys is the second tab of options.

Ah, sorry I missed that! I was looking for something more than one line.

I got ctrl-alt-s to work in metapad, my text editor. At first it didn't work, then I first Selected the text and it worked, and thereafter I didn't even have to Select the text first and it worked.

I couldn't get it to work in Slimjet (Chromium) or IE10, even with selecting the text. I'm on Win7 x32. It says Spellcheck Completed, but does nothing.

What started me on this quest was a program I use a lot that doesn't have spell check. I got TinySpell Free and it works quite well (except the popup is way out of place in Slimjet). I began to see the benefits of having a system-wide spell check - it would hit every program, and there would be only one dictionary to maintain. TinySpell has a nice feature where you can set it to either generally off or generally on for applications, and then make exceptions. It also does live spellcheck, which is great, but it doesn't correspond with MS Office dictionaries as CHS does (very nice).

And so I'm considering getting the Pro version of TinySpell, but would rather use what I already have first if possible.


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