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Firefox sucking CPU

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I'm runing the latest firefox  I noticed some lag in my system and found that Firefox is sucking up 50% of the CPU.  That kind of sucks.  So I kill ff and started it up again... still being piggy.

I don't recall having this problem with previous versions, so I may just wait for a fix.  Otherwise, I'm looking pretty hard @ Opera 9.  I'm typing this using the big O.

I also pulled down some nice widgets and they're running on my 2nd monitor.  Kinda cool.

Does anyone know if Opera has a "restore crashed session" feature the way Tab Mix Plus does for ff?


in O go to preferences>general>startup
choose "continue from last time" should be similar to "restore crashed session".

Opera also has lots of options related with sessions, you can even store the current one to load it later. I do this when i make research in some matter, instead of making lots of bookmarks. Another advantage of storing sessions is that it stores the history, wich means you'll still be able to go back on the pages (at least, most of them).

Notice that the "restore crashed session" is default on opera. If opera crashes, in the next time it'll open with the tabs (and windows) it had before. The option kimmchii mentioned allows you to start with those same tabs the enxt time you start opera, even if it didn't crash.

* Ampa send's subliminal messages...
"Use Opera... Use Opera..."
The crashed session generally works very well, some times too well if the last thing you looked at was porn, and some one else fires up your browser  :-[

Yeah, I for one can't live without the "recover/restore previous session" feature and when I first tried FF the lack of it was a serious dealbreaker. I did eventually find the many extensions available that have this functionality and much more, but trying to figure out which was the best was very annoying. I like the idea of extensions but I frankly think the plethora of them that duplicate each other indicates there are serious lacks in FF's core featureset, not (as many people argue) that the extensions approach is particularly great. For me extensions are a great thing but I don't think they should be leaned on as a crutch to avoid implementing things that are really useful to a wide audience.

- Oshyan


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