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why MS Word breaks format

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I cannot understand
I have a text in MS Word
I copy another text and paste it, and it changes the margins of the first text!
I tried all the possible options of pasting, but it keeps doing it!
is there a solution to this?

I just want to leave the initial text alone, maybe make it obey in new margins after the last page of the initial text, or something?


Can you use a Clipboard Extender?
e.g. with mouser's CHS, you can paste clip as plain text which should stop it messing around with the formatting.

Another workaround might be to paste in a text editor and copy again. (I might be wrong but I'd presume a text editor wont copy any formatting.)

Edit// my word processor has the option "Paste Special", where I can paste as unformatted text. I presume Word would have something similar

many copy-programs have "keep formatting". Uncheck this option, and paste as text, like tomos said.

so, the problem here is not Word, but your clipboard.

That is an option in Office 2010, not in Office 2007 or earlier.

So, which Word version is kalos using?

A proper error description always includes the version number(s) of the software you used that got you into the mess you are in. Without that info, you are more or less praying (a.k.a. hoping for the best) for a solution. It will also take dramatically much more time to solve.

I have the newest MS Word (not sure which version, it doesn't mention anywhere!)-kalos (May 27, 2015, 03:54 PM)
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